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The Natural Touch Centre is run by Nigel Williams.  Nigel trained with Andy Fagg at the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork and graduated from the MTI Practitioner Training course in 2005. Since then he has had his own practice and contuniued his professional development, taking the advanced courses Freeing the Shoulders and Mobilising Massage. Nigel is a member of the Bath Practitioner Group

Come to massage for:

  • Stiffness, aches or pains. Even one session can start to ease the painful tensions that build up in the body.
  • Relaxation.
  • Massage can switch off physical and mental tension. I can help bring your stress level to where you want it to be.
  • Working through a difficult time. Connecting with your body and realising your emotions can help you understand and respond to changes in life, make you feel clearer, and help you to discover your sense of direction.
  • Health and wellbeing. Massage is a great way to look after yourself, take time out of the demands of life and concentrate on your own needs. It's an investment in your future.

Massage can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. Please call to ask about how it can help you.

Understanding your needs. Every session starts with a discussion. I want to know how you are and what you hope to get from the session. I'll suggest the type of work I think will help. At the end of the discussion we'll understand what we want to achieve.

The Natural Touch Centre is just off Moorland Road, the main shopping street in Oldfield Park. Turn left off Moorland Road at the Dorothy House Shop into Maybrick Road.

Also at the Natural Touch Centre Shiatsu treatments with Nick Wilsdon www.yesheshiatsu.co.uk and Folk Shiatsu Courses with Nick Wilsdon www.yesheshiatsu.co.uk/folk_shiatsu

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