Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest at Theatre Royal Bath

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Posted on 29th July 2017

North by Northwest

Theatre Royal Bath

Adapted by Carolyn Burns, directed by Simon Phillips

21st July - 12th August, 7.30pm; Thursday, Saturday Matinees 2.30pm


Fast, furious, fun and hugely enjoyable; plays like this are rare birds at the Theatre Royal.

You might know the plot - mistaken identity followed by a sort of American version of The 39 Steps where no one is quite sure who the good guys are or why.

The amazing chase with planes, trains, buses, cars, cops and villains comes to life via a great, multi tasking cast and high tech sliding scenery, plus sound effects and cinematics.

Whip-smart dialogue is often reminiscent of Raymond Chandler, as is the principle that when you can't think where the plot goes next then have a man come through the door with a gun.

As the pace never flags, the plot never drags, helped along by Jonathan Watton as hero Roger Thornhill, Olivia Fines as femme fatale Eve, plus Gerald Kyd as baddie Vandamm. There's even a touch of the forelock to Hitchcock as Thornhill beats the man to a taxi.

The audience loved it and so will you.

Philip Horton

Jonathan Watton and Olivia Fines (Gerald Kyd above); photos: Nobby Clark

Jonathan Watton and Olivia Fines (Gerald Kyd above); photos: Nobby Clark

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