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Frankenstein In Bath Walking Tour

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Posted on 23rd July 2016


Show of Strength Theatre Company, written by Sheila Hannon

21 July, 2016

The night was dark and dismal; it was beginning to rain as we gathered around the crumbling stone fountain next to the ancient Bath Abbey.

Before us stood a lone woman, dressed in the peculiar garments of a 19th Century serving wench. She cradled an oversized book in her arms, and bade us to stand in a circle around her.

She opened her book and with barely a glance at the first page, began to regale us with some of the deepest, darkest secrets of literary Bath.

Yes! Our gothic walking tour had begun. 

Despite the grim summer weather, our group was instantly enthralled by these cleverly presented tales torn from the lives of Mary and Percy Shelly, with cameos from Lord Byron, Mary Wollstonecraft, their many relations and the intrigues that surrounded the creation of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus – known to most of us simply as Frankenstein.

Our tour revealed a darker side of Bath most of us never knew existed and thus our curious group chased after this excellent costumed actress as she led us through cobbled and narrow lanes to hear more of the pernicious gossip and cruel history of Mary Shelley’s life in 1816, the year she brought Frankenstein to life – here, in Bath.

The tour was excellent: captivating, breathtaking and chock full of literary tales and real history. It is a story that anyone who loves literature - and anyone fascinated by the history of Bath – will enjoy. I highly recommend it.

Linda Palund

Tours nightly: 16th June – 30th September 7.30 pm

Starts and Ends at Rebecca’s Fountain, Bath Abbey

About 1 mile (75 mins), all on the flat, with frequent pauses!

Tickets are £8, cash only with no advance booking

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