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Summer Holiday at Kingswood Theatre

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Posted on 13th July 2017

Summer Holiday 

Zenith Youth Theatre production

Kingswood Theatre, Bath

Adapted by Michael Gyngell and Mark Haddigan from the 1963 film

12th - 15th July at 7.30pm; 2.30pm Saturday Matinee

Tickets 01225 835301 or email

Gosh, things were simpler in those days: 1963 and Cliff Richards, who started off as Britain's answer to Elvis, had turned into the pop star every girl could have taken home to meet mother.

Nevertheless, the film Summer Holiday had many memorable songs which are somehow embedded in the nation's collective memory – even if you weren't born then. Certainly none of the cast for this version would have been and neither would quite a few of their parents.

The tale is really a vehicle for the songs and a London bus (vehicle...gedddit?) provides the excuse.

Four bus mechanics want to go on holiday and touring Europe appeals more than “two weeks in Clapton.”  So off they go, collecting a singing trio of girls en route plus a runaway female pop star. Naturally four girls plus four boys is excellent arithmetic so romance and some inoffensive adventures follow.

Harry Dallimore is a good Don, the Cliff Richard character, while George Miles, Sam Feierabend and Ed Corbishley make up the other lads forming a well matched group.

George McSherry, Caitlin Mazza and Molly Dallimore as the singing trio (great, possibly underused, vocals) plus Beth Mitchell being the pop star are equally excellent.

A huge chorus, plus a big red bus and a hardworking orchestra make this nostalgiafest into a light hearted evening of summer fun. [a Summer Holiday?]

If you can't remember the sixties or weren't there, trot along to the Kingswood Theatre and all will be revealed.

Philip Horton


[Note: text was corrected to show that Molly Dallimore, not Becca Right, performed in the singing trio]

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