Josh Okeefe

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How can I even begin to describe Josh Okeefe? Firstly, it can’t be done without a keen sense of history (which he clearly has) and, more importantly, his position along that continuum.

Woody’s Children is what Pete Seeger called the wave of early 1960’s Greenwich Village pilgrims (Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Peter Lafarge, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Joan Baez, Tom Paxton).

A decade later, legendary Broadside Magazine co-founder, Sis Cunningham, sat in her upper west side New York apartment with Pete Seeger, and a handful of 1970’s singer-songwriters. Sis pointed to me and said “Peter, these guys must be Woody’s grandchildren.” She would know: Woody used to live in the apartment with her and Friesen.

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