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The Transformed Land

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Art at the Heart is pleased to exhibit 'The Transformed Land' at the Circle Bath Hospital.

The Transformed Land collects work from various artists who are interested in place. Some frequently return to the same place, others are visitors, some are residents, and some are creators of imagined places.

The work exhibited here involves various processes. Some artists actively participate in the place through walking or collecting material, and others observe. The resulting work is as varied in material and form as the land that has inspired it, including painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, text, film and photography.

This exhibition doesn’t limit itself to real place, it also delves into imagined places. The artist is an explorer, not just of landscapes, but of his or her own psyche. The artwork here is a visual manifestation of discoveries made whilst journeying, whether that journey is literal or psychological, or in many cases: a little of both.

The participating artists are: David Daniels, Russell Denman, Andrew George, Eleanor Goulding, Andrew Lansley, Jason Miller, Paul Newman, Linn O’Carroll, Howard Phipps, Jennifer Newbury, Sae Murai, David Smith, Clive Walley, Deborah Westmancoat.

Image: Artwork by David Daniels

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